Our Services

At Pinecrest, we serve our clients in several ways by providing them with high-touch advisory services across the M&A spectrum.

Sell-Side Advisory

We help business owners sell their companies.

As a core focus for Pinecrest, our Sell-Side Advisory practice is focused on maximizing liquidity and optionality for business owners who are looking to sell all or a portion of their company. We combine deep sector expertise and superior transaction knowledge with an expansive network of buyers to help drive maximum value for business owners. At Pinecrest, we understand how deeply personal and difficult the process of selling a business is for our clients. Navigating the M&A world has become increasingly challenging, and doing it alone, or with an inexperienced advisor is very stressful, risky, and often results in a failed transaction with the owners goals not being achieved. We are experts in helping owners achieve their goals through running sophisticated transaction processes that result in successful outcomes for our clients.

Pre-Transaction Advisory

We advise companies well in advance of a sell-side process.

At Pinecrest, relationships are at the core of everything we do. Because of this, we enjoy and value building relationships with clients and future clients well in advance of initiating a process to sell their company. Whether your company is a few months or a few years away from making the ultimate decision to sell, Pinecrest can assist in advising you to start preparing now for that process. We often help with transaction preparation, outlining and driving performance improvement initiatives, assisting in sourcing executive leadership, and many other advisory roles, all with the goal of maximizing the future value of your business in a sale. At a minimum, we consistently have conversations with business owners who simply desire to learn more about what it would look like to sell their company.

Buy-Side Advisory

We advise companies looking to make strategic acquisitions.

Often times, companies desire to accelerate the growth of their business through the merger, acquisition, or other transaction of another company. Pinecrest has extensive experience working on the Buy-Side for both corporate clients as well as private equity firms to assist in everything from targeted buy-side search and overall process management, all the way to advising through due diligence and closing. We help assess the target market, contact and negotiate with potential acquisition targets, and manage the due diligence process all the way through closing.

Capital Raising

We help business owners raise the capital need to grow their businesses.

Companies often need assistance with raising capital to help fund their well-defined growth plans. Whether it is an expensive CAPEX project, a need for acquisition financing, hiring needs, or dividend recapitalizations, we are experts in helping our clients secure the capital needed to achieve their objectives. With experience in both Debt and Equity Capital markets, we will position your company strategically to provide you with the most cost-effective debt or equity capital available.

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